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Get Your Popcorn Ready: A 3D Virtual Tour Of Villa Guardamangia Has Just Been Launched

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Queen Elizabeth spent two years in Malta during her youth and her residence is now being brought to life thanks to an incredible and new 3D virtual tour of none other than the historic Villa Guardamangia.

The Queen’s only residence has long been a facade of mysticism, with very few venturing into the halls and gardens that were once occupied by the then princess and her navy husband, but it will now be made available for the public to view…

…from the comfort of your home. 

Heritage Malta has given the iconic Baroque building a new lease of life through the online world by offering a virtual 3D experience online for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

For the first time ever, enthusiasts of British colonial history from all over the world will be able to explore the rooms, corridors and hallways that Queen Elizabeth once occupied throughout the years of 1949-1951.

And unlike any other British colonial site around the world, Villa Guardamangia is the only property to ever be described as “home” by the Queen, making it all the more special and unique.

As such, Heritage Malta has teamed up with Dhalia Real Estate Service to create a 360-degree virtual tour of the site granting you exclusive access to one of Malta’s most mysterious yet renowned historical sites.

The interior and exterior spaces of Villa Guardamangia have been meticulously reconstructed online featuring all its details including its eighteen rooms, stables, garden and war-shelter amongst many other facilities.

And it’s a must-see online attraction for anyone.

The avid historian will be able to recognise and identify exactly where Queen Elizabeth posed for the iconic bridge photo with Prince Philip while those interested in architecture will be able to appreciate dolphin, cherub and nymph sculptures adorning the stairwell.

And everyone will be able to appreciate the wonders of modern technology as they soak all of this in with an incredible 3D render.

This tour not only serves those who wish to plan a holiday to Malta but it also comes in handy for those who find themselves stuck inside during the pandemic.

More importantly, it creates a visual memory of the past while the villa currently goes through an aching restoration to a state fit for a Queen.

A virtual tour of this historical site is more than enough to get your fix of colonial history, but you’ll soon get a chance to actually step inside the Queen’s home…

Villa Guardamangia is currently closed to the public while it prepares for an extensive restoration project to return it to its former glory.

However, Heritage Malta is going a step further by offering its members, and true historians, a chance to embark on an exclusive tour of the premises before it gets a much-needed facelift.

And that’s just one of the perks of being a Heritage Malta member.

You’ll also get free admission into museum sites, discounts and the chance to book one-off tours for a more in-depth dive into history.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and begin your journey into Malta’s eclectic and rich past!

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