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This Cleaning Company Has The Best Dressed Cleaners In Malta

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If there’s one thing that people instantly notice in a company, it’s the level of pride in their employees’ work. One Maltese company took that concept to a whole new level, dressing up their cleaners in suits.

Local cleaning company Ozo changed their cleaners’ uniforms to introduce suit-style uniforms to look as good as they feel.

“They’re not just very comfortable; they also really help give our employees a confidence boost, making them look and feel fantastic,” Fabio Muscat, Group CEO of Ozo, told Lovin Malta.

And they’ve got that one right; the new uniforms are the perfect combination of style and class.

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Many international cleaning companies adopt similar incentives, and Ozo has already gotten very brilliant feedback, both from employees and people who have seen them in their new uniforms.

Of course, Ozo aren’t just about looking good. Their quality services have gradually been growing, quickly extending into an actual list. Now, anything from carpet and sofa cleaning to aircraft and boat cleaning is offered up, not to mention CPI – a specialised service for removing chewing gum and graffiti and general pavement cleaning. They’re also responsible for cleaning up large public areas, such as offices and shopping malls.

The initiatives offered by Ozo actually don’t even end there. Ever since the company was first born back in 1996, they’ve gone beyond the realm of cleaning services, and are part of a much wider group. 

With Ozo, people aren’t just offered a job, but a career, something they can really be proud of and grow into. There’s pride in doing something properly, and Ozo definitely know that. 

With such a constant growth, it’s good to know that companies like Ozo still take the time to make sure their employees not only look their best, but also feel it on a daily basis. 

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