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What Are ‘High-Touch Areas’ And Why Does Malta Need To Be Aware Of Them?

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Some clichés may be overused, but most of the time they’re also true. If 2020 has birthed a new clichéd but truthful phrase, it’s that health is wealth.

In fact, we’re all investing in our personal upkeep of health, whether it’s eating better, exercising, wearing a mask and keeping high-touch areas regularly sanitised and fresh.

What is a high-touch area?

A high-touch area is essentially any surface that has frequent contact, which means the chance of catching something unwanted is normally higher; from the common hall in your apartment block, to where you buy your groceries, to office hot desks.

Essentially, anything that is not exclusively touched by you can be considered a high-touch area.

Luckily, Clinell professional-grade products have hit the islands’ pharmacy shelves.

Their top-notch wipes and nifty hand sanitisers can help you keep safe and clean whenever you encounter these high-risk surfaces. In other words, you and your loved ones can feel comforted knowing you’re taking adequate precautions. Merci Clinell!

Once you snag your family’s worth in Clinell, let me divulge in where you’ll find them useful:

1. At your local grocery store

That weekly trip to buy food is essential, and there’s no way to get around touching several high-touch areas, no matter which store is your go-to.

Luckily, keeping a pack of blue Clinell wipes and easy on the go sanitisers in your reusable grocery bags will minimise risks of touching contaminated items like trolleys or food items. Cool!

Just a little action like this goes a long way for our health, after all.

2. For your office environment

Now that many have ditched teleworking for office environments again, sharing common areas with your colleagues is practically unavoidable.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your spaces sanitised. Keep one of Clinell’s useful hand sanitisers at your work desk and be sure to use it whenever you feel it necessary. And when you’re off for meetings or using a hot desk, a Clinell wipe or two should do the trick.

3. A (safe) night out with friends

Night outs are back, baby. But restaurants and bars can still pose a sickness threat if we’re not vigilant enough. Be THAT person in your group of friends who looks out for others and wipe down those tables and chairs at your favourite food joint. They might think you’re a little much, but health is wealth, people!

4. When hitting up the gym

It’s not enough to be clean. A healthy diet and regular exercise is key to a strong and fighting immune system. But before you hit up the gym, make sure to take your blue Clinell packs to wipe down any (sweaty or not) machinery or mats. Happy training!

5. Back to school

School is just around the corner, parents, so preparing Clinell’s kids range for their back-to-school backpacks is the least you can do to protect your kiddies wellbeing. (Maybe add double the sanitiser and wipes for their grubby class partner who you hear is a nose-picker, too).

6. Public transport

If you’re using public transport, masks aren’t enough to keep you safe and sound. Wipe down anything you touch before bracing yourself for those bumpy Maltese roads, and be sure to use the easy on the go Clinell sanitiser when you hop on/off as well.

What makes Clinell different from other brands out there?

As I said, these are professional-grade products, exclusively available in all local pharmacies. They’re also infused with aloe vera, are neutral-smelling, moisturising and non-sticky, and are effective from 10 seconds on hands or surfaces.


For all the reasons and places you can use them, there’s no reason not to bag a few easy on the go Clinell products for your new clean routine. For more information head to the Prohealth website here.

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