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Eleven Outdoor Adventurous Activities You And Fido Can Enjoy In Malta

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If you’re obsessed with your dog, which most of us are, then you’re always looking for ways to either spoil or have fun with them.

For the most part, you’ll find everything you need to know on Doggie Designer, from what Fido can eat to how to prepare for his first night at home.

But if you’re in Malta, we’ve got you covered with all the essential outdoor activities that you need to try out with your best friend.

From a day at the beach to a night spent camping, here are eleven outdoor adventurous activities you and Fido can enjoy in Malta.

1. Spend a day at the Ta’ Qali dog park

Like taking your kids to the playground, nothing beats taking your pup to one of the designated dog parks in Ta’ Qali. Not only is this a great way for your dog to have fun, maneuvering through the park’s various obstacles, but it’s great for socialising with other dogs too.

And there are also designated parks according to small or big dogs, so no one feels intimidated!

2. A picnic on the beach or countryside

Malta has amazing weather year-round which means you can enjoy the great outdoors whenever you want. If it’s summer, take your dog to the seaside and enjoy a picnic or bbq with friends. If it’s winter, head to the countryside and do the exact same.

Your dog is going to love running around… and munching on your snacks!

3. Swimming in an appropriate bay

Malta has a number of dog-friendly beaches where you can let Fido loose to swim such as Selmun and Fortina.

It’s a great way to enjoy the sea for both you and your pup, especially in the summer – just don’t forget to give them a good wash after!


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4. A jog along Malta’s beautiful coast

The beautiful seaside landscapes that Malta has to offer should be enjoyed by you and your dog and the Coast Road has an appropriately-sized sidewalk that allows for both of you to get your daily exercise while enjoying the crashing of the waves nearby.


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5. Going for a hike at the island’s most remote spots

For an island as small as Malta, there sure are a lot of hidden spots where you can go hiking with your dog and not be disturbed by anyone such as near Mellieħa, Mġarr and so on.

By law, your dog has to be kept on a leash but that’s ok because there’s plenty of them to enjoy without running off and you’ll have a good peace of mind too.


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6. A family trip to Gozo

Dogs are part of the family so wherever you travel, it’s best to take them with you too.

With Gozo being just a boat ride away, it’s a great place to take a small vacation with Fido and it’s also got some amazing spots that your pup will love to explore.

7. Or maybe a trip to Sicily?

Sicily isn’t as close but it sure is as comfortable to travel to, especially by catamaran which is super accommodating for animals on board.

Dogs are as loved in Sicily as they are in Malta which means they’ll be spoilt rotten abroad. The country is also way bigger than here and has a load of cool outdoor activities you and your doggo can enjoy.

8. An overnight camp in the woodlands

With the cooler seasons around the corner, Malta starts to turn green again. It’s time to take advantage of the greener months and head out for a camp with your best friend.

You know they’ll love it because which dog doesn’t like exploring woodland areas and leaving their territory on every tree they find!


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9. Visit a dog-friendly cafe or restaurant

This isn’t the most exciting outdoor adventure you could go on with your dog, but it’s an adventure nonetheless.

Malta has several dog-friendly restaurants and cafes that will welcome your Fido with open arms.

That means you and your dog can enjoy a meal outdoors while you catch up on the adventures you had today!

10. Spending the day on the boat

When it comes to summertime, there’s only one way to beat the heat, by spending the day on a boat.

And dogs love it too.

The best way for a dog to cool off in the blistering heat is by taking a dip, something they can do over and over again while you’re boating in Comino, the Blue Grotto and elsewhere.

11. Go on a shopping spree!

When in doubt, go shopping – for you and your dog! Believe it or not, The Point in Sliema is dog-friendly which means you can take your Fido around with you when you go shopping around and, if they’ve been a good boy, you can buy them a treat too.

These 11 outdoor activities are just some of the ways you can enjoy spending time with your dog in Malta.

But if you’re looking for other activities, tips and tricks, then check out Doggie Designer and its never-ending list of dog-related articles.

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