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The Future Is Here: One Of Malta’s Greenest Construction Projects Is Built Using Recycled Plastic

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Periti Studio, the local architecture and structural engineering firm representing this building technology, has adopted some of the newest materials available on the market to implement the Campus Hub project; and it’s safe to say it’s all borderline revolutionary.


This project is making use of the multi-award winning construction technology called ‘BubbleDeck’ – and its benefits are already paying off.

BubbleDeck virtually eliminates all concrete from the middle of a flat slab – which has little to no structural function – by replacing it with recycled plastic bubbles. Yes, recycled plastic bubbles.

The implementation of these bubbles eliminates a whopping 35% of the concrete slab’s weight which allows for 30% longer spans between columns. Because of this, fewer columns are used to implement the same project, making the execution of changes to the building’s layout in the future far easier.

So what’s so great about BubbleDeck you might ask?

Well, in a few words, this new building method is on the verge of changing the whole construction game – and rest assured, it’s all for the better.

Periti Studio‘s making use of this revolutionary technology for a whole variety of reasons. For starters, BubbleDeck has proven to be an insanely fast and efficient structural slabbing system. Slabs are pre-assembled and precast incorporating up to 70% of all steel, then delivered, rather than being put together on-site; meaning an impressive construction speed can be achieved, with the project averaging well over 1000sqm of slab cast every week.

Also, less work carried out on-site means that noise and air pollution will be vastly reduced, as well as significantly less truck trips within the construction process.

Oh and did we mention it’s cost-effective too? with BubbleDeck the cost of a frame structure is reduced by over 25% to somewhere in the region of €175/sqm!

The Periti Studio team has the environment at the forefront of its priorities, and this truly came to show with the implementation of the Campus Hub project.

Due to the fact that BubbleDeck makes use of way less concrete, it is estimated that this project alone will save over 8 million kgs of CO2 when compared to traditional solid flat slabs.

To put this into perspective, one 200gram recycled plastic bubble saves 180kg of concrete. So not only is BubbleDeck more environmentally sound, but it’s also way cheaper, reducing costs in civil works by up to 20%.

Still doubt BubbleDeck’s green credentials? BubbleDeck was used in the very first platinum LEED rated building in Europe – how about that!

Construction aside, the Campus Hub project will pretty much revolutionise university students’ way-of-life.

Implemented as a mixed-use project between Mater Dei and the University of Malta, the hub will seek to tend to a wide range of student-related needs.

With the construction of four spanking new blocks of student halls, a pool, and a number of commercial shops, both local and visiting students will get to live their best life at the hub. Two new blocks will also be dedicated exclusively to the University of Malta’s needs, be it as much needed lecture halls or office space.

Moreover, the project will include a main courtyard and a lecture hall to be made use of by University of Malta students.

Having said that, it’s pretty safe to say that Periti Studio‘s latest project will borderline transform University of Malta’s student life – and we sure are here for it.

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