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Malta’s Weekend Is Shaping Up Nicely Thanks To This Too-Good-To-Be-True Casino Offer

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All things considered, we’re lucky to be living in Malta.

Not only is it one of the most laid back countries in the world, but it’s the only country where you get €10 free when signing up with Meridianbet.

That’s right, the Mediterranean betting company has a new exclusive promotion for players in Malta and it’s going to be the best thing to happen to you this month.

Meridianbet is giving new customers €10 to spend on any of their casino games without a deposit.

That’s practically €10 for free, and €10 that can be turned into €100, €1,000 or more with a spin of a slot or a roll of the dice. 

Who doesn’t love a little gamble? Of course, everything in moderation is key, but you really don’t lose anything when you sign up and find €10 in your bank account. 

Just make sure to use the promo code “casinomalta” when you do so you’re eligible for that free cash!

The Meridianbet casino is the place to be this weekend. It’s COVID-19 free and a guarantee of fun.

But there’s so much more that happens over on Meridianbet.

The betting company has a sportsbook too which you can take full advantage of with a plethora of weekend matches, from the NBA to the Premier League. 

Once you’re done with your free €10 you can always deposit more or you can simply walk away knowing that you’ve had a good time.

But if you’ve won, why would you?

Here’s to your luck with Meridianbet!

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