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Want To Be A Maltese Millionaire? This Jackpot Happens Twice A Week With €7.5 Million On The Line

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They say there’s no such thing as an overnight success, but we beg to differ.

We’ve all heard the rags-to-riches stories that are too good to be true but never in a million years would you expect it to be you, right? Well this is your opportunity to break the bank with the launch of Lucky Lotto, and it’s a seven-figure jackpot.

Jackpot.com has launched a new and exclusive lottery subscription that guarantees you’ll never miss a chance at glory by allowing you to bet on eight draws in total, every single month without fault…

…and it all comes at the mere price of €6.99 a month. 

That means for the price of a sandwich and a coffee per month, you’ll be able in the running to win a ludicrous amount of money, €7.5 million to be exact. 

And you can start as early as this Saturday 19th with the Lucky Lotto.

Lucky Lotto takes place every Wednesday and Saturday, giving you a double chance of winning the jackpot a week. And with a monthly subscription in hand, you’re guaranteed to increase your odds by never missing out on a round because your numbers will be inputted automatically across eight draws.

The best thing is you’re free to do what you like with your numbers and are able to change them whenever you feel like. You’ll also be able to cancel your subscription on the spot too.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know…

Once you’ve subscribed over on Jackpot.com, you can head over to the Lucky Lotto landing page and start picking your six numbers as well as one lucky ball number. If you’re unsure what to pick, or just don’t have the time, you can always select the Quick Pick option and let Jackpot.com do the rest for you. 

After that, you can kick back and relax until the prizes are drawn. If you’re a winner, you’ll receive an email from the Jackpot.com team but in the off chance that you miss it, you can always head to the results page and double-check.

The grand prize is a mindblowing €7.5 million which you win by matching all six main numbers and the Lucky Ball. You can also win 50 cents by matching the Lucky Ball, €10 by matching five numbers, €5 by matching four numbers and €2.50 by matching three numbers.

And if today isn’t your lucky day, don’t worry, because Jackpot.com has so much more on offer…

Including the highly-anticipated EuroMillions Superdraw going down this September 25th with a grand total of… wait for it…€130 million! 

Tag someone who needs to get in on this asap!

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