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Rally Your Colleagues! Top Industries Go Head-To-Head For Malta’s First Corporate FIFA 21 Championship

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For the first time ever, local industry leaders are coming together to compete in a head-to-head esports tournament to determine who is the best of the best; whilst being able to give back to the local community!

For A Cause Events is going digital this year and has teamed up with GMR to launch the first-ever corporate IFR Esports Edition!

That means employees will get a chance to represent their brand, and gain some bragging rights, as they go up against fellow competitors in a virtual football tournament throughout February and March 2021.

And it’s all going down on everyone’s favourite, but yet to be released, football video game FIFA21.

It’s the ultimate cross-industry tournament that allows the gaming-gifted out there a chance to shine with players allowed to play from the comfort of their own home, with their own console – so that they can get the perfect set up and dominate the whole 90 minutes.

Forget about sports days, team building events or company dinners – the future of fun is online and this is the next accomplishment your company needs to bag on their trophy wall.

In addition to being crowned Malta’s first corporate FIFA champions, those who participate will also be in with the chance to win a super cash prize up to €2,500.

Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds made from the IFR Esports edition will be donated to a charity, giving you all the more of a reason to follow, support and cheer on your gaming coworkers via a real-time livestream! 

But if you think you’ve clocked in enough hours to compete, then here’s what you need to know.

The competition will be played on the PlayStation 4 and will consist of an online qualification stage held over four to six days with the top 32 players entering the final stage and knockout tournament. 

The final stage is where the pros battle it out like a real football match with live commentary being provided by local radio hosts!

Esports is undoubtedly one of the hottest forms of entertainment on the island, and combined with football, you know this is going to be one big tournament.

So you better not miss out! Registration is now open over on IFR’s website with various packages at your disposal depending on how good or how many you are.

Do it for the chance to be a champion and to contribute to charity too!

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