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WIN: Scoot Through Malta With These High Tech E-Scooters

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A new movement is taking over the streets of Malta and it’s helping lead a generation of environmentally-friendly, fast-paced go-getters. 

E-Movement Malta is here and they’ve brought their unique brand of E-TWOW electric scooters with them to help change the way we think about transportation.

The official distributor of the highly-regarded and low maintenance electric scooters has set up shop in Balluta Bay where it offers its premium GT2020 scooter to a one-of-a-kind invention that is both affordable and incredibly fun, either to rent or buy.

And it really is unlike anything we’ve seen hit the bustling streets of Malta.

Whereas the word “electric” is synonymous with slow, the GT2020 is, in actual fact, fast. The e-scooter can go up to 20 km/hr and can cover up to a 50km range on a full charge which is more than enough to take you wherever you need to go and back – especially on our little island. 

And not only does the E-TWOW electric scooter have what it takes to whizz you around, but it’s got the engine to take you to newer heights. That’s because the GT2020 is equipped with a beast of a 700w engine which means it doesn’t even flinch going up a hill…

And that’s a fact because we tried it out ourselves!


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The E-TWOW scooter is truly revolutionising the roads and that really is saying something for Malta.

Their design is built to endure the bumps that permeate our streets, thanks to their solid rubber wheels and front and back shock absorbers – another nice and much-needed feature that helps reduce any chance of damage, and worst of all… punctures!

But in the case that anything does happen to your new ride, just know that you’re covered with a two-year warranty and after-sales service for maintenance requirements.

And once you’re done from your day of riding, simply fold it together with a click and a snap and your scooter is now half the size and super transportable whether you need to climb a flight of stairs or escalate up a lift.

The future is on wheels, two rubber wheels as a matter of fact, and it’s time to hop on the trend – whether you’re going to rent one or commit yourself to investing in one.

If you’re thinking about trying it out, then download the E-TWOW easy rental app from your phone and book it online. Once that’s done, you can pick one up at the store and off you go!

For those who are invested in the future, E-Movement Malta has some options for you.

You can either call in and test out a GT2020 yourself before purchasing or you can browse through their website, purchase online and have your new e-scooter delivered straight to your door.

And for the rookies out there, don’t worry. The E-Movement isn’t just here to sell you a scooter, but they’re ready to train you too with a complimentary lesson before you ride. 

Unlike other brands, our scooter rentals are, premium, long lasting and can withstand all types of surfaces..


Posted by E-Movement Malta on Friday, 11 September 2020

WIN: In fact, they’re so committed to showing you the ways of electric scooters that they’re even offering 300 hours of rental for one lucky person… free of charge.

That’s right – you can scoot for free thanks to this awesome giveaway. Just tag someone you’d love to ride around with in the comment section of this Facebook post and you might just be the next recipient of 300 free hours! 

There’s more to give away…

E-Movement Malta is also running its own competition where you can win €250!

All you have to do is download the app, take a ride on one of their scooters, follow E-Movement’s Facebook and Instagram pages and you’ll be in with a chance to win. This competition runs until 31st October but don’t wait too long to sign up.

In a country congested with traffic, riding an e-scooter is a breath of fresh air and investing in one or renting one has its positive returns, for your lifestyle, the environment and the future.

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