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Fresh Mineral Water At The Office? Here’s How Malta’s Businesses Can Save Money… And The Planet

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Water’s one of the very few things we literally cannot live without, and yet, it can often rack up quite the bill. That’s where Bridgepoint comes in. This Maltese company is changing up the water game with a greener and cheaper alternative that you need to get your hands on pronto.

But before all that – what exactly does Bridgepoint do?

Bridgepoint offers a huge range of must-have bathroom and kitchen products. Most of the models this company stocks are similarly priced, meaning you’ll get to choose based on what you like, rather than what you can afford.


But today we’re here to talk about one very particular Bridgepoint product…

This company has taken the conventional reverse osmosis we all know and love and made it into something better.

Bridgepoint’s reverse osmosis dispenser holds large volumes of water, making it the perfect eco and pocket-friendly alternative. Oh, it also has a sleek and elegant design, helping it blend perfectly with your office’s decor.

This product provides hot, cold, and room temperature water – so whether you want a quick cup of boiling water for your morning coffee or just a crisp cup of aqua to freshen up, this magical machine can do it for you.

The reverse osmosis conveniently connects to your office’s water supply, where it will proceed to purify your water in five separate stages. Before it’s poured into your cup, however, it adds a healthy amount of minerals to your water, making it taste great.


Want to check out just how much money a reverse osmosis will save you?

Well, you’re in luck! Simply visit savings.bridgepointmalta.com and you’ll be greeted by an insanely user-friendly cost savings calculator. All you need to do is enter the quantity of 19.5 litre bottles your office uses up per week and the website will do all the rest.

If your office uses up ten bottles’ worth of water per week, for example, you’ll be set to save more than €700 a year – now if that doesn’t sound like a good deal, I don’t know what does.

This calculator also breaks down where the Bridgepoint reverse osmosis maintenance costs lie so that you know exactly what to expect upon your purchase. Neat.

But Bridgepoint has yet another trick up its sleeve.

The company’s calculator also gives you a recommended machine size based on how much water your office consumes. All that’s left is for you to get in touch with Bridgepoint’s amazing team who will guide you through every step of your purchase.

Bridgepoint takes ample pride in its customer-centric approach, and with reason.

Changed your mind about a product at the very last minute? Don’t you worry! With Bridgepoint you’re free to change up the items on your order and still get your deposit refunded.

Apart from that, this company stands by its 12-month money-back guarantee; that is, you’re free to return any unused product for twelve months after your purchase and still get all your money back.

Your relationship with Bridgepoint doesn’t end with your purchase.

Should anything happen to any of your Bridgepoint products, this company will promptly send over a technician straight to your office to repair or replace the product. What more could you wish for?

Start saving cash and the planet with Bridgepoint now.

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