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WATCH: Black Men Assaulted Outside Qormi Showroom, Say N-Word Was Hurled at Them After Honking At Illegally Parked Car

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Two men who were looking to buy a car ended up fearing for their safety after an incident quickly escalated into violence.

“We were looking to shop for a vehicle at a Qormi showroom and we found a vehicle illegally packed in the middle of the road with a female driver at the steering wheel. A gentleman was talking with the lady while standing outside at the driver’s side window,” Mark Mwaka, one of the men in the video, told Lovin Malta.

In the video, men aggressively yell at each other, with one man even brandishing a green metal pipe, and another man eventually hitting the camera out of the victim’s hands.

“We waited about two minutes before honking the horn to signal to the other driver to give way and to stop obstructing traffic,” Mwaka continued. “The gentleman at the window swore expletives at us (‘f**k you, we are not moving’). At this point, the driver of the obstructed vehicle steps outside to inquire what the issue is.”

Soon after, a heated argument ensues, with Mwaka and his colleague asking why they could not park their car on the side to allow traffic to pass, he said.

“More expletives were hurled at us, including N*****.”

“I will show you. This will be your last day in Malta,” Mark says the men said to him as well.

Since then, the showroom has publicly denied this, saying they filed a police report over the incident due to damages the men caused to their car.

Surrounded by a group of men, they trade insults before the men eventually walk away before they say they should call the police.

One man walks back towards them, grabbing his genitals, telling him to call the police.

“We are not here illegally, we pay taxes as everybody else,” one of the men say as the Maltese men walk away.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Mwaka lamented the violence and abuse they had to endure.

I wanted to highlight the gross injustice that the victims suffered just by wanting to use a public road utility granted by law as well as the blatant racism, prejudice and racial discrimination (by a business premise) at a time when all people regardless of nationality, race or origin should be pulling together and minding each other to beat this global pandemic of COVID-19,” he said.

What do you think of this incident?

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