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Shyli And Jordan: €1,000 Reward For Info On Whoever Is Leaking Our Videos

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One of Malta’s most open couples has taken to social media to offer €1,000 for anyone with any information on leaks of their steamy OnlyFans videos after announcing they were going public as island pornstars last week.

“Some people have been leaking our content unfortunately,” Shyli Rose and Jordan Grech told Lovin Malta.  “It’s unfair on those who actually pay to see us, not to mention illegal!”

Shyli and Jordan controversially announced they were going public with their Mr and Mrs Jewels account last week – however, since then, WhatsApp groups, as well as Facebook chats, have been flooded with their content stolen from their accounts – and it’s even been sent to their families.

“What’s meant to be private content is being shared on public platforms and got to family which isn’t nice for anyone really,” they said.

Since the leak began, the pair were able to discover one leaker, and will be contacting the police with the man’s details – but they intend on continuing, and have asked their fans for help in discovering who is stealing their content.

Anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest will be given €1,000 from the couple’s earnings.

“We plan on filing a lawsuit for each breach of privacy! We’re not ashamed of what we are doing and to be honest loving the exposure and banter that comes along with this new line of work – but we expect to feel our content is kept to the safety of an adult site and not where kids and family can see them,” they said.

“I also want to press charges on a potential loss of earnings!” – Jordan Grech

With some of the videos being shared sold for about €50, the pair are worried that they’ve lost hundreds if not thousands in stolen revenue due to these leaks.

As more and more Maltese people turn to online sites likes OnlyFans as a supplement to their income, Maltese people will need to come to terms with a new legal space that may have serious repercussions, even if you think it’s just a quick share to a friend.

What do you make of the €1,000 reward?

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