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‘It’s Like We’re Not Front Liners Anymore’: Malta’s Police Not Given Quarantine Leave Despite Legal Notice Stating Otherwise

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Members of the Malta Police Force are not being given quarantine leave, despite a legal notice stating otherwise.

“Article 3 of Legal Notice 62 / 20, specifies that every employee shall, on employment, be entitled to be granted by his employer quarantine leave for any period of quarantine as may be determined by the Superintendent of Public Health or any other public authority,” Ray Zammit, the president of the Police Officers’ Union, told Lovin Malta.

Article 3 of Legal notice 62 of 2020, published last March, states that “Quarantine Leave applies to all employees, including those whose condition is governed by a Wage Regulation Order.”

“We wrote to the health authorities to give us direction – they haven’t answered us yet, we even wrote to the administration and the minister,” Zammit said.

In response to questions posed by Lovin Malta however, the Malta Police Force administration stated the following,

“The procedure in case an officer tests positive for COVID-19, when granting quarantine and sick leave, the Malta Police Force follows same procedures adopted by the public service.”

“The legal notice clearly states that we’re entitled to quarantine leave, but the administration department keeps saying that if we are put under mandatory quarantine, we are to follow the normal procedure of sick leave,” Zammit continued.

“Some people who had already used up their 15 days of sick leave have been put on half pay now that they’re in quarantine. Suddenly it’s like we aren’t front liners any more,” he ended.

This article has been amended to include the official response from the Malta Police Force.

What do you make of this situation?

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