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‘How Stupid Do You Think We Are?’: Maltese Father-Of-Two Picks Up Mound Of Cartridges In Short Miżieb Walk

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A Maltese father-of-two took to Facebook to showcase a mound of cartridges picked up by his kids during a 20-minute walk in Miżieb, whilst criticising the government’s handover of the woodlands to hunting lobby FKNK.

Many shared his sentiments towards the handover – but many others lashed out at his treatment of hunters.

“We went to Miżieb, dear Minister, for a 20-minute walk with the kids. This is what they picked up, and it’s all thanks to the guardians you’ve employed,” he wrote.

“How stupid do you think we are? You should know that these so-called guardians guard their disgusting hobby and not our environment.”

Yesterday, around 100 people gathered in Miżieb to decry the way the public woodland, as well as Aħrax, was signed off to FKNK, Malta’s largest hunting lobby group.

Last week, Malta’s government signed the controversial agreement handing over Aħrax and Miżieb to FKNK without giving any indication that the signing was taking place. No press call was issued for the signing.

A number of hunters took to the post’s comment section to highlight the work being done by hunters to safeguard the woodlands.

“Apart from the fact that hunters are tired of picking rubbish left by people like you, I would like to thank you for showing everyone that even during hunting season, you can go to Miżieb with your family,” one comment wrote.

What do you make of this?

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