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Great Day For TVM: Malta Is Doubling Its Funding To €6 Million A Year

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Malta’s Public Broadcasting Services are set to receive €6 million a year for the next five years, Minister Carmelo Abela announced today.

Signing a new contract on public service broadcasting obligations, Abela, whose mixed portfolio includes broadcasting services, pledged double the usual allocated funding for Television Malta.

“The state believes that a strong national broadcaster is essential for democracy,” the minister explained.

In its broadcasting obligations, Television Malta is obliged to guarantee a balanced and impartial service, and transit programmes on journalism, sports, education and culture.

While the Broadcasting Authority must ensure TVM follows these guidelines, questions remain as to why it isn’t also regulating party-owned media stations.

“We affirm our belief in media pluralism and strong independent media that investigates and contests the government,” Abela nonetheless said.

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