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‘All I’m Doing Is My Job’: Malta-Based DJ Calls Out Disrespect And Insults On Social Media While Trying To Work

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A full-time working DJ in Malta has called out the abuse and insults that performers in the entertainment industry have been faced with as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“I’m tired of people being angry at me and calling me names for still playing at a few places,” DJ Mar Escalda said in a public post. “This is my full-time job, I’m correctly registered and have my VAT, but I have no help from anyone, including the government.”

Her words come as more and more people call for the total banning of events once again.

Malta’s healthcare professionals have since announced industrial directives in the face of what they call a lack of action from the government; since then, the state has limited indoor events to only 100 people and outdoor ones to 300, though healthcare professionals are calling for more to be done.

However, DJs are still receiving insults and being attacked online as they try to earn an income – and Escalda lamented how she was being criticised even though all precautions were being taken from organisers’ ends.

“I can assure that none of the places I play at are putting anyone’s life at risk!”

Escalda said that she was following all government measures, yet was still on the receiving end of insulting language and behaviour.

“I have to work as many of you do, but I need respect from people! So please stop offending us on social media! It’s very sad to come across insults every day when all I’m doing is my job and with responsibility,” she ended.

Similarly, another Maltese DJ had called out the online attacks some DJs – as well as partygoers – were experiencing as COVID-19 numbers started to rise.

What do you make of this DJ’s point of view?

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