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WATCH: Powerful, Relatable Or Just Plain Hilarious – Maltese TikToks You Might’ve Missed

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Every single day, thousands of Maltese people tune in to TikTok, checking what their favourite local celebs and latest cult heroes are up to. But with so many videos vying for your attention every couple of hours, you might’ve missed some in the last couple of weeks.

That’s where we come in.

From powerful social commentaries to flat-out hilarious clips, here are some TikToks that were recently making the rounds on messaging threads all over Malta.

1. The most wholesome fan meet-up you’ll ever see

Few people ever get to meet their idols or celebrity crushes. Fewer still actually enjoy it.

Luckily for everyone following Raissa Borg, that wasn’t the case when she met her local idol Melvin Micallef.

The Boys’ hunk had been receiving countless messages to shoot a collab with his super fan, and this week, he finally delivered, with the two taking to Valletta for a dancing duo which warmed the hearts of tens of thousands of TikTok users.

The look on Raissa’s face before, during and after the whole thing? Absolute joy, absolutely priceless.

But that’s not to say Raissa isn’t her own local celebrity by now either, with young users like Almikaya Aquilina quickly tagging us whenever they spot “Miss Micallef” out in public.

@melvmtIl video tant mistenni! @raissa_borg ##fyp ##malta♬ No Guidance (Remix) – Quise UE

@almikayaaquilina@raissa_borg @melvmt @theboysmalta @lovinmaltaofficial♬ original sound – Almikaya

2. Return of the X Factor legend

When the international talent-hunting show finally landed in Malta two years ago, the island got to meet a new line-up of undiscovered prodigies and hliarious hopefuls who would eventually become household names. Some quickly became both.

Kevin Magri might not have made it past his audition phase during the show’s premiere, but looking back on it all, it still very much feels like heaven.

The karaoke star recently opened a TikTok account, and while he promised more content from both himself and fellow DJ Tawdros, his most popular video to date is none other than his legendary X Factor Malta audition. Clearly, over 30,000 views later, people are still very much into Magri’s magical(ish) voice and endless charisma

3. One of Malta’s biggest influencers spills some tea

Stella Cini is no stranger to social media, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on both YouTube and Instagram, and gaining millions of views (and worldwide fame) on her make-up tutorials and multiple hair dye adventures.

But with TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame in the last year, Stella has now been entertaining her fans on the platform… spilling some hot tea in the process.

Last month, the top influencer took to TikTok to share some “hair  salon fun facts”, which already has three parts at the time of writing.

But it was this mini series’ first episode which really went viral, and you can easily see why. Stella explains that a local “really high end” salon she used to work at had a habit of topping up their unique and expensive shampoo with a super cheap jellycan’s worth of product… and it seems like over 300,000 people collectively lost their shit at the revelation.

@stellamariaciniThe clients used to ask if we changed the shampoo but we just told them it’s a new edition ????????‍♀️ ##hairsalon ##funfacts ##exposed♬ Hair salon facts – Stella Cini

4. This one’s for all of those who have received at least one traffic fine before

Kyle “Xiki” Busuttil returned with his daily relatable reactions from Malta, this time for a traffic fine edition.

Do you stare at the piece of paper all confused and worried? Do you call up your friend on the force to get it cancelled? Do you just throw it away thinking it’s just a flyer? There’s a reaction for all of that… and more.

5. A cheeky meme turns super serious

Many have already seen clips of TikTokers telling their followers they can’t possibly hurt them because of some hilariously messed up reason to the tune of La Roux’s banger Bulletproof. By now, everyone from Chris Cardona’s children to yours truly has one of these babies.

But for Yolanda Bonello, the trend was the perfect opportunity to bring up an important scar that still lingers – getting raped.

Maybe it was the contrast of the cheerful song and effect. Maybe it was Yolanda’s already divisive personality. Maybe it was her unexpected, brutal honesty. But whatever it was, it didn’t take long for the now-month-old video to amass over 30,000 views, making it one of Yoland’s most viewed recent TikToks to this day.

6. One TikTok to describe every single Maltese mother out there

Have you ever found yourself not quite able to understand why or how your mum makes so much noise when you’re trying to watch something on TV, but then flips out the second you tiptoe your way by her when she’s watching her favourite show?

Say hello to Daniel Sciberras’ painfully relatable TikTok, uploaded a couple of weeks ago and already sitting on over 10,000 views.

7. The Boys’ Roast Battle turns out to be exactly what we hoped for

Melvin, Luke, Xiki, Daniel, Ryder and Max took to TikTok (say that last part a couple of times really fast, I dare you) for a Roast Battle to see who would be crowned Malta’s Top Tik Talker (actually, try say that a couple of times really fast).

Shots were fired, but who came out on top?

Well, you can still vote for your favourite right here.

In the meantime, check out the final battle from the three rounds; James Ryder (Comedy™) vs Max Vassallo.

@theboysmaltaRoast battle 3 @sandmax24 vs @jamesrydercomedy , link to vote on our bio, @lucalorenzo ##malta ##comedymalta ##theboysmalta ##tektektok♬ original sound – The Boys Malta

Meanwhile, on Lovin Malta’s TikTok account

In between late-night earthquakes, a pretty boring PN leadership debate and an international scandal involving a royal toddler and a prehistoric shark tooth, it’s been another very eventful week in Malta (trust 2020).

So of course, we had to address all of that – and more.

From a basic summary of every Maltese mood out there to a look at tremors in Malta over the years, here are some of our top TikToks from the last couple of days.

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