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Animal Activists Flag Poorly Looking Doberman In Madliena Cage, Owners Deny Abuse And Say They’re Sick

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A video sent to Lovin Malta shows two sickly Doberman locked in a cage with nothing but dirty, green water to drink.

The video, which was sent by animal activist Maxine Borg, shows the two Doberman pacing up and down the cage, malnourished and desperate for attention.

“I came here today to see if it was true,” Maxine said. “Two Doberman kept in this metal cage. On the 1st of July, I reported this case, along with 20 other people.”

Yet two months later, the Dobermans are still stuck in the cage and one seems to be in a dire situation with clear signs of malnourishment and sickness around its face.

“One has a discharge from its eye which is white and green, a clear sign of infection,” Maxine said.

Not only is this a clear sign of neglect, but both dogs have their ears cropped and their tails clipped, which is an illegal practice in Malta.

The Association for Abandoned Animals also chimed in, claiming that one of the dogs “is dying slowly”.

The owners of the Doberman have since replied claiming that the dogs are in “pristine” condition and  live in a big cage and are well-fed.

The owners also informed Lovin Malta that one of the Doberman suffers from sandfly which is the reason for its anorexia and eye infection.

When questioned about the cropped ears, the owners claim that the two Dobermans were rescues and had their ears cropped before coming into their care.

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