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‘Horror Puppy Academy Left My Four-Month Old Labrador On The Brink Of Death,’ Maltese Pet Owner Warns

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A concerned pet owner has taken to social media to warn others about the dangers of a pet training academy in Malta after her puppy was returned to her “on the brink of death”.

Meagan Abela took to social media to let others know about the trauma fourth-month old Sky went through after a three-week stint at a puppy academy in which she was allegedly abused and mistreated by the academy owner.

“It was strange from the very beginning,” Meagan told Lovin Malta. “He told us to meet him in a pjazza, and not his home, and told us to bring our food.”

At four-months-old, Sky enrolled in a highly-recommended local puppy training program, following the recommendations of friends.

However, the training program quickly turned into a horror show with her Sky requiring urgent medical attention.

“We used to feed her Royal Canin, which is what vets recommend, but he said it was rubbish and that he would be giving her his own brand of raw dog food,” she continued.

“He took her and left. He also told us not to message or call him because he has a lot of dogs… I found this very strange.”

After a week of stifling silence, Meagan reached out to the puppy academy to check up on Sky and received a reply the next day.

“He said that my dog was a ‘spoilt brat’ and needed intensive training. A few days later I messaged him again to check up on her and after four days he replied saying that he thinks our dog needs to go to a vet.”

Worried and shocked, Meagan rushed to the puppy academy where she discovered Sky in a critical condition.

“My dog couldn’t even move, her eyes were rolling to the back of her head and she couldn’t keep her head straight,” she said.

According to Meagan, Sky was also dowsed in citronella to the point that it was dripping off the poor pup.

“We took her to the vet and they gave her stomach relaxants because her stomach contracted. They also told us that she was severely dehydrated and lost three kilograms in eight days which is practically impossible.”

“When we got home she wasn’t even able to stand up on her own. When she sat on the floor bugs started falling off, literal bugs,” she said.

Following a much-needed shower, Meagan discovered that Sky had been infected with bug bites, but the problem only got worse.

“The next morning we woke up to this horrid smell. At this point, Sky had her tails between her legs and when we lifted it up, her backside was leaking faeces.”

“We decided to take her to a different vet and tested her for parasites. Turns out she had a parasite called Giardia in her stomach which could’ve been contracted from raw meat.”

Giardiasis is a diarrheal disease that feeds off of an organism to survive. Once a person or animal has been infected with Giardia, the parasite lives in the intestines and is passed in faeces.

According to Meagan, the pet training academy had been administering its own brand of raw pet food which caused Sky to turn ill and require her to go on two weeks of antibiotics and probiotics.

But the environment Sky was put through appears to have left long-lasting effects, with Sky being traumatized to the point where she’s scared to eat or drink.

“She was on the brink of death,” Meagan said. “He wouldn’t tell us what he did with her and he hasn’t checked in to see if Sky is still alive.”

As of today, Sky is healthy and well. Meagan has also informed Lovin Malta that she will be pursuing this in a court of law.

Have you had any similar experiences? Let us know by sending us an email in confidence at jp@lovinmalta.com

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