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13 Contestants We Want To See On The Malta’s Got Talent Stage

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Now that the cat’s officially out of the bag and applications have already opened, thousands of people will be lining up to audition for Malta’s Got Talent… and their chance to win a cool €25,000.

And while we can’t wait to sit back and discover all the undiscovered talent these islands have to offer, there are some familiar(ish) names we’d definitely like to see hit the stage.

Here are 13 contestants we’d love to see applying for Malta’s Got Talent this year.

And you know you can trust me; apparently, some people out there actually want me to be a judge.

1. Tony Farrugia

Malta’s very own performing strongman, Tony Farrugia has done everything from pull trucks to lift a skip full of rubble.

Now I want you to watch the video below and picture a massive truck on a grand MGT stage, and this one madlad pulling it.

Is it a talent? Yep.

Is it entertaining to watch? Hell yes.

2. Joseph Mangion

You might not recognise his name, but if I had to tell you Ħaraq, or literally just Xummm, you’d know exactly who I’m talking about.

At the end of summer 2019, Mangion had put a smile on the whole country’s face with his incredible ability to beatbox the sound of fireworks typically found in village feasts.

If you somehow don’t know what I’m talking about, you really just have to see it to believe it.

3. Arnold Sciberras

You either know him as Malta’s pro exterminator, or the biologist who casually keeps over 130 different species of cockroaches in his Paola house.

What would Arnold do on the MGT stage, you may ask? Well, seeing as he’s totally fine with even the creepiest and crawliest animals around, I would give anything to see him make the whole country wince and cringe as he handles some of these critters as if it were nothing. And knowing him, he’d probably manage to get the cockroaches to do some massive synchronised acrobatic show. He’s the insect whisperer, I tell you!

Arnold recently made headlines again when he filmed his daughter racing the family emu down Marsa’s wide road as the sun set behind her, so if that didn’t make you realise just how interesting and entertainig this biologist-researcher-breeder can be, then I don’t know what to tell you.

4. Sharleen Theuma

She might’ve not been the perfect fit for X Factor Malta when she appeared on the singing show’s first season, but Sharleen “Trumpet Girl” Theuma could be perfect for the Malta’s Got Talent stage.

If entertainment factor is what the judges are looking for, they should probably get Sharleen to return. Just throw in a trumpet cover of Gigi D’Agostino and you’ve already got half the island on your side sis.

5. Grazielle Camilleri

An online icon who went from TV presenter and travel blogger to – well, literally everything – Grazielle has amassed an Instagram army of over 80,000 followers.

And while there’s a lot of things she’s done that could merit her a spot on the MGT stage, my money’s on her interpretative dance numbers on the newly-founded Fire Messenger Of Love account.


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6. Adrian Zammit

Animals and the Got Talent stage were meant to be. Then, you have Maltese viral superstar Adrian Zammit. You had to know this one was coming.

From motivational speeches to tricks with Fido, there’s a whole lot of things il-Bebbuxu could do to get a spot in the finals. And if all else fails, he could always dress up as a Dubai Sheikh and pull out Fonzu il-Fenek.

And if you didn’t fully understand that last paragraph, you’re not living yet.

7. Neil Sant

He might only be 11 years old, but young Neil is already on a songwriting streak.

With an infectious smile and tackling deep subjects like prejudice, discrimination and bullying, Neil needs to get his big moment.

Now that X Factor is a thing of the past, MGT could be the best way to go.

8. James Mercury Mifsud

X Factor Malta might’ve had singing footballer James Mifsud, but Malta’s Got Talent has the chance to bag James Mercury Mifsud, and honestly, why wouldn’t you?

50% capitalising on this island’s unstoppable fascination with Bohemian Rhapsody and 50% letting the younger ones among us relive the Freddie Mercury glory days, this guy needs to be on that stage.

9. James Ryder

From viral Tik Tok videos to Pastizziposting admin work, meme kids know full well who the Ryder is. Now it’s time for him to go national.

MGT needs a stand-up slot, and I think we’ve found our winner.


10. L-Amerikana

She was always kind of popular in most people’s WhatsApp threads, but after summer 2019, L-Amerikana became a local legend.

And while the initial controversy surrounding that egg-pelting video was mired with arguments of illegalities and humiliation, it was L-Amerikana’s complete nonchalance while brushing it all off that managed to elevate her image in the eyes of thousands.

But now, nearly a whole year later, we need to see this confident dancer take to her signature outfit and moves again.

11. Anthony Scinto and Chris Cassar

What’s better than one singing warden? Two singing wardens, of course!

Another act that didn’t make it to the final stages of X Factor Malta, Anthony and Chris happen to share a job and a passion for singing.

Put them in their uniforms and watch them demolish the Malta’s Got Talent stage. That’ll be just fine. Hehehe, get it? Because they’re… yeah.

12. Ben Camille

Speaking of X Factor Malta, who better to show everyone they’re actually talented than memed host Ben Camillle?

Maybe he could bring out his football talents once more and treat the MGT crowd to some sick footie tricks. Maybe he could show off his nearly-telepathic relationship with his dogs. Or maybe he has a superhuman smile that could bring the whole house down which he’s been hiding from everyone all along.

Whatever it is, it would be interesting to see Ben Camille competing instead of passing comments about contestants.

13. Myron Chetcuti

He might only be 10 years old, but Myron is Malta’s youngest stuntman.

And if there’s one thing that’s more loveable and entertaining than a confident young kid on stage, it’s a confident young kid smiling as he sets his hand on fire.

BONUS: Adrian Delia

Sure, we might already have one strongman on this list, but no one comes even close to Delia’s resilience

Sticks, stones and words won’t put a dent in this guy, and seeing it all unfold in a safe environment could make for one heck of a show.

Besides, it looks like Delia might be looking for some exposure by the time Malta’s Got Talent comes round…

Who do you want to see on the Malta’s Got Talent stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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