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‘My Life Has Changed For The Better’: Maltese Teenager Undergoes Epic 50kg Weight Loss Transformation

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Oftentimes, the motivation we need to improve our lives comes from witnessing those in similar situations overcome obstacles and come out the other side stronger. 

A Maltese teenager has undergone an incredible weight loss transformation, shedding 50kgs in the span of a year and it’s done much more for him than improve his physique.

“I was fed up with my body,” Tristan Joseph Aquilina told Lovin Malta.

“I wanted to feel healthier and to give myself the confidence I needed to succeed in life,” he said.

Before embarking on his journey, Tristan weighed a total of 135.9kg, which is more or less double the average weight for someone his age.

Being obese, Tristan was unable to participate in certain physical activities with his friends despite his desire to do so.

“I signed up for a six-month program with MF fitness for extra help. I started to train more and eat cleaner,” he said.

“But honestly, it all came down to my mental headspace, I never lost sight of my goal.”

While Tristan credits MF fitness for helping him on his weight loss journey, it all boils down to self-motivation and the ability to push yourself beyond what you originally thought you were capable of. 

“It was difficult at first for me but when I started to lose weight it automatically motivated me to keep going,” he continued.

Now, 14 months into his life-changing journey, Tristan is a new man, dropping from 135.9kg to an unrecognisable 85kg.

“My life has changed drastically for the better,” he said. “I have enrolled in stuff that I couldn’t do before due to my weight like football and going out biking.”

“I enjoy the little moments knowing that I worked hard to be in the position I am today.”

Over a year later and Tristian is a self-proclaimed gym enthusiast and continues to work on his health and he’s got some advice for the people out there who might also be struggling with their weight.

“In order to succeed in anything you have to have a starting point. Once you start, you should never look back. One should never give up, although it sounds quite a cliché, it’s the truth, motivating yourself and having self-confidence is what makes dreams come true,” he ended.

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