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‘Do Not Let The Arts Die During This Delicate Moment In Time’ This Page Supports Artists Amidst Coronavirus Cancellations

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In a time of mass coronavirus-fuelled cancellations of events, this Facebook page aims to support artists and keep art alive in Malta.

Art in the time of Corona 19 is exactly what the name implies, a chance for local artists to connect with audiences virtually, support their work and keep sprits high whilst we’re all confined to the in-doors.

Created yesterday, the page, an obvious nod to Gabirel Garća Màrquez’s ‘Love In The Time of Chlorea’, boasts over 250 likes and has already began promoting artists, the first being local painter Johanna Barthet.

Miguel Rosales, classical musician and creator behind the page, felt the need to contribute to the artistic community in any way possible.

“I sympathise with all Maltese artists, local and abroad, as they’ve all had their engagements cancelled and invaluable potential income lost. All the hard work that’s gone into productions, performances, presentations… Of course, every single citizen feels this way, but for an artist to have lost the ability to communicate with a willing audience such a personal thing as art is devastating,” he said. 

The page will serve as a platform for streaming performances, stay-at-home sessions,  showcasing exhibitions, pre-recordings and anything of an artistic nature.

There will also be a chance to support artists, through a pay-what-you-want model for donations, 100% of which will go to the showcasing artist.

“Every little helps culturally, and if an artist is at least able to earn a total of 20 Euro per livestream, at least it is better than being stuck at home without work in public, at least that is what I think,” he said.

Rosales was also content to share that Teatru Malta and Teatru Manoel’s Toi Toi education programme are looking to set up similar cultural initiatives to support the support the local scene, and calls to the government to join in support of Malta’s art community in such pressing times. 

“I urge all cultural entities as well as the Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, the Honorary Jose Herrera, to look into providing support to all the artists and artistic entities, no matter their stature, through these trying times. This is not only in terms of financial support, but also health-wise, especially mentally,” he urged. 

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