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After Almost Drowning In Ta’ Xbiex, This Boxer’s Rescuers Have Given Him A Forever Home

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A near-tragedy has ended in the best way possible.

A couple of weeks ago, Chucky (previously named Skye) the Boxer was saved from drowning at the Ta’ Xbiex Marina – and now, he has been adopted by his rescuers after making a full recovery at the APH veterinary hospital.

The rescue, which took place on 21st August, saw Tiziana and her husband Etienne quite literally jump ship to save Chucky and drag him to dry land.

At some point during the daring rescue, Etienne suffered a gash on his nose, which was promptly sown up in the emergency room.

However, despite the hardships that the rescue entailed, Tiziana and Etienne almost instantly fell in love with Chucky.

And even though the couple was previously thinking of fostering the dog, they were quick to change their minds and make him part of their family.

“After he made a full recovery at APH, we had to wait for a week before adopting him to make sure that no one would claim him back,” Tiziana said.

“We used to visit him every day he was in hospital and we’d take him on walks.”

Tiziana went on to thank Louise Arpa, an Animal Welfare volunteer, for the care she showed Chucky during his stay in hospital.

She praised Animal Welfare for the work they do. 

“Animal Welfare are placed in a negative light and that’s so wrong,” Tiziana continued.

“Louise gives security to dogs, which is exactly what they need when people throw them out.”

Meanwhile, Etienne has also made a full recovery, with his facial stitches having recently been removed.

Chucky’s new family also includes a Schnauzer called Tommy – and whilst Tommy does get a bit jealous of all the attention his new brother’s getting, it’s safe to say that they’re getting on pretty well.

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