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9 Amazing One-Off Resolutions For Maltese People In 2017

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Everybody talks about resolutions when a year comes to a close – I’ll diet more, exercise more, stop smoking, and so on. But mostly we just manage to have a really well-behaved (and let’s face it – boring) January, and that’s it. Come February we’re already back to our old ways and we’ve forgotten all the good resolve that we had hoped to live out for the next twelve months. 

So we’re here to say – it doesn’t need to be that hard. If you just do one of these things only once in 2017, you’d already have ticked your altruistic box for the whole year.

1. Sign up for an Organ Donor card

Yes, it’s a big decision, but it’s one that could save so many lives. Apart from ensuring that you are happy with your choice, the actual deed won’t take you any time at all. And this goes beyond the level of ‘New Year’s resolution’, this could be the most heroic act you commit in your lifetime. All you have to do to register as an organ donor is go to your local polyclinic and fill out the forms, or log-in to your E-ID account and fill in this form.

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2. Buy a bicycle

The benefits to cycling to work instead of driving in Malta are clear – our CEO tried it for one day and could vouch for its tangible positive impact. We’re not saying you should ‘resolve to cycle to work everyday’. We’re realistic. We know there are days where it’s impossible. We are saying – buy a bike. That way you’d have invested in at least cycling sometimes. And you could also take it out on weekends and actually enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine we keep boasting about. 

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3. Have a cooking sesh with Nanna

This one kills two birds with one stone. First bird – giving Nanna the attention and limelight she deserves by asking her to teach you how to make a traditional dish like Soppa Tal-Armla, brodu or minestraSecond bird – eating something delicious and healthy. Chances are you’ll both enjoy it so much it will become at least a monthly thing.

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4. Make one investment into local talent

Whether it’s buying a book by a local author, or heading to an exhibition by a Maltese artist, make sure you dedicate some time this year to invest in local talent. Actually, let’s strike this one while the iron’s hot – sit and listen to all the Lovin Lounge acoustic songs. We can guarantee you’ll be compelled to seek out more of this amazing local talent. 

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5. Download a taxi app

We all wake up on New Year’s Eve and arrange transport for a night of what we know will be laden with alcohol and bad choices. But what about all the other weekends of the year? Instead of just resolving to not drink and drive, take it a step further and download a taxi app now for every time you have a night out on the lash. There’s the ecabs app (Google Play or iTunes) and the Find A Drive app you can download – so as Malta’s Police Force made clear in their cute PSA, there’s really no reason not to do this.

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6. Post a positive review

With overwhelmingly popular local Facebook groups like Are You Being Served? (RUBS) it’s never been easier to sing the praises of people who are doing a really good job with their business or service in Malta. Get over your uptight ‘I don’t post on social media’ complex and give credit where credit is due. 


7. Make a stand

If our predictions are anything to go by, 2017 will be the year for a number of socio-political debates which will undoubtedly mean a lot to a number of Maltese citizens. Next year, make sure you rise from that critic’s armchair at least once to make some noise for what you believe in. Don’t let strangers shout your cause, get out there and join the community.

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8. Download a social media blocker

And use it for just one hour a day. We’re not going to tell you what you could be doing in that one hour, but catching up with friends in a face-to-face convo is one activity that certainly springs to mind. Make 2017 less about phubbing and more about friendship.

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9. Help out-do L-Istrina‘s record

This year L-Istrina, the annual charity show, raised over €5.5 million for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation in it’s customary 12 hour run. We’re consistently amazed by how much money this event manages to gather, but don’t always do our part to make sure it tops last years record. 2017 is the year when you’re going to make it happen. The goodwill is just waiting to be bragged about.

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Any other ideas? Share them with us in the comments section!

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