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Fancy A Fancy Tea To Get You Through Malta’s Almost-Winter?

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We may not get to see snow, but we do experience cold differently to most nations – lows of 15°C may be laughable to some, but for the Maltese we’re ready to wrap up in a blanket and hibernate there for days. But the cold also coincides with the holidays we love to spend with our loved ones, so how do we reconcile these conflicting emotions? 

Tea. (And/or coffee).


Photo: Lovin Malta / Instagram

The curious creation you see above is one of the many reasons said tea-bonding should be done at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay. It’s called ‘Blooming Tea’ and it does exactly that. You pop it in the hot water, and it grows as it brews.


But fancy tea aside, the Corinthia also offers a great space to hang out with your family. Despite having quite a few full tables around us, we didn’t have to raise our voice to try and have a conversation with each other between mouthfuls of food.

With your tea you can also order a stack of tasty snacks which come in two varieties. One is the ‘classic’ tea, and the other is aimed at chocolate lovers. Of course, since we couldn’t decide, we ordered both…


Once we got the hang of eating the sandwiches (which were three-tiered, delicious, but kind of a handful to grab) we settled back to enjoy the array of sweets and treats before us – the highlight was of course the actual clotted cream that came with the scones.

Tea Corinthia

Three generations of scone-induced smiles!

If I had to be totally honest, my one gripe is that there were a lot more sandwiches than sweets, but maybe that’s just a personal preference. That being said we still left nice and full (with a little parcel full of the treats we decided not to force ourselves to continue eating just for the sake of finishing them – self control, imagine that!)

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Here’s an artistic shot of the tea we drank


And here’s the view you get to enjoy from inside… you know, where it’s warm.

Classic tea will cost you €13.75 per person, or €17.50 with a glass of prosecco/blooming tea. The chocolate version is €15.25 a head, and €19.50 if you opt for the prosecco/blooming tea.

Tag a friend you need to catch up with over a fancy tea for two!

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